wonderer, wanderer, lost

The octopus is a
cynical sort. He hardly
believes in anything really.
Except for flying saucers. He
hopes that one will take him
out of here, shortly.

Drop me a note.

I sometimes post
octopusses, sometimes
robots or ellies or mermaids.
Even landscapes or archery or
maybe even something
altogether, but
mostly, girls with
pretty clothes
and braids.

I like dresses.
Please send me some.
Or better yet, come for a
visit with a nice one on.

I intend to live forever.
So far, so good.


Jean-Paul Sartre - "Throughout the entire history of philosophy, philosophers have sought to discover what man is - or what human nature is. But Sartre believed that man has no such eternal nature to fall back on. It is therefore useless to search for the meaning of life in general. We are condemned to improvise. We are like actors dragged onto the stage without having learned our lines, with no script and no prompter to whisper stage directions to us. We must decide for ourselves how to live. ~ (Jostein Gaarder)